Executive Team

Our Executive Team

Sunil Wadhwa – President and Chief Executive Officer

Born on the Island of Mauritius, a son of a Diplomat representing India, his father was posted to San Francisco in 1970. The family remained in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Sunil studied Aeronautical Engineering and attained his Commercial Pilots License with a goal to be a commercial pilot. Currently, he resides in northern California with his wife and two daughters.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, life led him down the business path and for the past 25 years he has immersed himself in numerous successful ventures. Mr. Wadhwa was the founder of several companies; he has also held positions with various companies as CEO, President, Sr. Vice President, consultant and a Member of several Marketing Advisory Boards, most recently 1 of 10 marketer advisory board members for Donald Trump’s “Trump Network”. His background in traditional business includes hands-on experience in retail store operations, mortgage banking, insurance, lending and real estate.

For the past 25 years, he’s focused his career in the world of Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing and achieved nationwide recognition and awards. Widely recognized as a charismatic and inspiring leader, he has developed several large sales organizations in this industry. Because of his commitment to helping people, he is also a highly regarded Sales Trainer as well as a motivational speaker on the national stage.

Sunil brings to Financial Halo extensive experience in business ownership, management, sales, and marketing. Strengths include analysis, design and implementation of systems and processes to improve business operations and growth. The great advantage that he brings to leading this company is having lived both sides of the MLM world with solid corporate experience combined with years of building strong teams of committed distributors. He not only knows exactly and precisely what to do but, more importantly, what NOT to do.

He prides himself on never letting “grass grow under his feet”. He credits his personal business success to always “building the business like a business” and to developing “exceptional team leaders”. His two favorite quotes in business are, “Thinking Outside the Box” and “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”.

Everything Sunil has done for the past 25 years has brought him to the place where he can apply his wisdom, business acumen, passion and commitment to excellence to building a business that you can be proud of for years to come.

Ken Newton – Chief Operating Officer

Ken Newton is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who currently resides in Northern California. He attended Louisiana State University, graduating with a major in business and communications.

Ken’s early years included 12 years with the 1st Special Forces Group (ABN), 20th Special Forces Group. He returned to his home and, securing insurance and investment credentials, established a financial planning business that targeted the self-employed business owner. He soon founded Entrepreneur Development Group, a seminar company designed to promote self-employment.

Ken has represented network marketing companies in the financial services arena, consumer electronics, legal services and nutrition attaining top ranking distributor status while serving as Corporate Trainer for each of these companies.

In 1997, Mr. Newton established himself as a consultant to start-up and plateau MLM and direct selling companies by helping to establish compensation plans, training programs, lead generation systems and distributor support functions, analyzing current practices and methodologies and offering advice on how increasing share of market and building an effective, engaged distributor base. In 2010, he founded a lead generation company specifically for the network marketing industry.

Outside of the MLM industry, Ken has equally diverse business experience. As an Internet Marketing Trainer for a California based e-solutions company, he conducted seminar workshops for the owners of both small businesses and home-based businesses. During the dot.com boom, he was Director of Sales, Training and Education for a fitness equipment and nutritional products company which provided a web-based business building and support system for fitness and health professionals. While actively building his own network marketing group of like-minded entrepreneurs, he was active in the corporate arena as Director of Professional Services for a major media and broadcast company for 13 years.

Ken brings to Financial Halo a diverse background of corporate and entrepreneurial experience that makes him an ideal person to help steer our company to success. He understands the needs of individual Associates because he has lived it and he knows how crucially important corporate functions are to the success of both the company and the individuals that represent it. His personal credo is to help people live a ‘lifestyle by design’ by developing entrepreneurial ventures that allow them to ‘Do Well by Doing Good’.